November 28, 2009


change ?

November 28, 2009

well,  i know i’ve only used wordpress for about what, 3 months ? but i wanna change, and i’m either gonna use onsuagr of lj. idk, but wordpress has very little themes, and its not all very nice. although using wordpress, you can private your posts, and i’ll miss that.

November 28, 2009

i’m very bored 😦 and wtf, you can’t even let me know whether you’re alive or not 😦

marathon :D

November 28, 2009

yo 😀 so yesterday, went to vivo watch christmas carol first, which was kind of boring. and then in the afternoon, watch new moon at great world 😀 😀 😀 and at night, watched 2012, i nearly fell asleep la -.- new moon however, is still nice the second time i watched it (: and i’ll watch it again, probably after next week, since staying in boarding for IYSC. O.o haven’t packed yet.


November 26, 2009

oh yeah, yknow i was suppose to go for this sex talk in school cause,

me: i dont wanna go, i go before alr !
mum : i can’t educate you to this kind of things so just go to the talk.
me:  fuck you la.
glynis: she do before also what.
then while watching new moon, she called.
mum: did you go for the talk ?
me: yeah.
mum: who give the talk ?
me: people -.-
mum: fro school or what ?
me: outside school.
mum: who are they.
me: yknow, people.
mum: what ? nurse ?
me: no, idk what those people are called.
mum: teachers ?
me: i dontknow what those people are called ! and they’re from outside school !
mum: oh, girl or guy.
me: girl.
mum: how many ?
me: 2.
mum: what did they talk about ?
me: it’s a sex talk, what do you think they talked about ?
mum: what did they talk about ?
mum: got video ?
me: no -.-
mum: got pictures ?
me: no
mum: then they just talk ?
me: got powerpoint.
mum: what’s that ?
me: uh, yknow, .. .. .. powerpoint ? -.- those presentation one ?
mum: whats that.
me: -.- uh, like..
mum: oh nvm, i know.

so went back in the cinema.

glynis: what you’re mum ask ?
me: haha, tell you later (:
lol, tell you now lo (:


November 26, 2009

oh, i’m watching christmas carol tomorrow. olivia says it ain’t nice-.- and its freaking at 1045am ! wtfrap, i have to wake up early again. but hey, i’m watching newmoon again (: at 4pm 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


November 26, 2009

NEWMOON IS WATCHED ! and i will watch it again ! heh, watched with sarah, glynis, olivia, liz and syafiqah (: training gym today though, and sofyan was kinda being a uh.. bitch ?! while doing the overhead squats, he ask us do all the push ups and shits like that, and kept repeating, wtf man. while, yeah. after that did dance again. and headed to causeway get the tickets (: went angmoh’s house for lunch since everyone was broke. the pizza was nice uh (: haha, and NEWMOON 😀

tomorrow no training 😀 think i’m going out though, cousins. watch movie, again -.-

eclipse !

November 25, 2009

new moon’s tomorrow, and eclipse’s june 30 next year ! 😦 hurry hurry, come come.

yo (:

November 25, 2009

training today was fun actually, court was quite easy, then we played floorball (: and under the hot sun, super hot la, but tanner 😀 then after dance practice (: checking in on sunday, dont feel like alr eh, just wanna stay home 😦 but yeah, lunched with glynis at kfc.

went novena square, which was kinda boring -.- bought 2 carton of soya bean (: see who finish first, apparently i didn’t -.-

and wtf, i planned so nice with gly tomorrow and my mum wants me to go for some fucking sex talk. fuck her upside down la. i dont want 😦

newmoon (:

November 25, 2009

new moon’s out tomorrow ! i wanna watch it ! but not on the first day since it’ll be full then it’ll be totally noisy ! but i fucking wanna watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i’ll watch it more than once 😀