November 26, 2009

oh yeah, yknow i was suppose to go for this sex talk in school cause,

me: i dont wanna go, i go before alr !
mum : i can’t educate you to this kind of things so just go to the talk.
me:  fuck you la.
glynis: she do before also what.
then while watching new moon, she called.
mum: did you go for the talk ?
me: yeah.
mum: who give the talk ?
me: people -.-
mum: fro school or what ?
me: outside school.
mum: who are they.
me: yknow, people.
mum: what ? nurse ?
me: no, idk what those people are called.
mum: teachers ?
me: i dontknow what those people are called ! and they’re from outside school !
mum: oh, girl or guy.
me: girl.
mum: how many ?
me: 2.
mum: what did they talk about ?
me: it’s a sex talk, what do you think they talked about ?
mum: what did they talk about ?
mum: got video ?
me: no -.-
mum: got pictures ?
me: no
mum: then they just talk ?
me: got powerpoint.
mum: what’s that ?
me: uh, yknow, .. .. .. powerpoint ? -.- those presentation one ?
mum: whats that.
me: -.- uh, like..
mum: oh nvm, i know.

so went back in the cinema.

glynis: what you’re mum ask ?
me: haha, tell you later (:
lol, tell you now lo (:


One Response to “convo.”

  1. glynis Says:

    okay .ty now i know already lol 🙂 so the movie today nice? 😀

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