November 24, 2009

gym training, then uh, waited in school, did retarded things with vikki (: went causeway watched paranormal activity, dont ask how we got in -.- but heh, i was scared, but guess what ? vikki was scared-er (: haha, but there was another stupid ending again. like what’s up with movies now days ? it may be like a good movie, but the ending, like, wtf la. while, training tomorrow at 9 -.- i dont wanna wake up so early. crap shit la. its holidays ? what the diff -.-



November 23, 2009

i’m really really tired.

tired of quarreling with my mum so much.

tired of pms-ing at people.

tired of public transportation.

tired of being so vulgar.

tired of IT

tired of them pretending infront of some pms lady that they actually like us when they actually hate us.

tired of people having small petty fights, especially when pms against pms.

tired of stares and gossips, especially when idk wtf i did to them -.-

tired of misunderstandings.

tired of trainings.

tired of spending money on cab.

tired of travelling.

and just plain tired.

life is tiring, right ?

training at 9 today, so bloody tired now, seriously. should go and sleep alr. tomorrow still have training -.- sian. next week staying in school for the iysc thing ? idk. just so so tired.

Protected: thinking.

November 22, 2009

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November 22, 2009

sec 1 whites;

qeeaqilah is too tall (:

danadana talks alot (:

deedinah is a mina (:

emilyemily is too quiet, sometimes (:

glyglynis is very small (:

lizliz is very funny (:

nadiahnadiah is actually very horny (:

oliolivia sings a lot (:angmohsarah is an angmoh bimbo (:

syafiqahsyafiqah disturbs people too much (:

ting fangting fang is very blur (:

maryvikki could be taller (:

and that’s our team (:

2C (:

November 22, 2009

2C next year (: quite big changes ? idk. but ohmyshit, bryan foo’s in the class-.- with stanley, the annoying people. yeah, so 1C wasn’t the best class, it being known for being too noisy and all that shit, creating too much trouble i’m guessing too,  but it was enjoyable, laughing so much (: probably would be different next year, where some come in and some leave.

oh and whattheshit, there’s homework for december hols, wtf right ? plus, it’s like a lot of trainings, which probably isn’t much different from school, just that we still have to travel and no classes-.- oh yeah, iysc period staying in, suppose to be like save travel time, but come to think of it, like troublesome only. still have to bring stuff there, and like no laundry right ? and i do not know how to use the damn washing machine -.-

and wtf, my mum overreacts ! cb.

ended (:

November 21, 2009

sunday went cineleisure with gly, angmoh and nad. watched 2012 which was damn sad, but ending is like, oh, the world didn’t die, cause when the water went to africa, it rose africa instead of flood it. oh yay! we’re going to africa ! -.- wtf lame la. but yeah, then went back school, reach about 1015 ? but anyway, school is over (: friday academy outing/farewell to sec 4s. waited for them at causeway with liz. went to pierce ear (: seoul garden. stink ttm la. but was nice, gly and sarah cmi, eat abit full alr, i still down there happily eating (: even though holiday, still got training in school, sian -.- and we could have gone to laos to cheer for the sea games people, but wtf, mdm lee and noraida say no, wasted balls, i wanna go to laos ! i’m still not sure when school starts though.


November 18, 2009

school’s ending. holiday’s coming (:

p6 camp. couldn’t help out 😦 but almost over. sea games send off later on, no choice must go, so lucky -.- training early at 3. looking forward to holidays (:

still the same.

November 15, 2009

my sis and mum still fighting and not talking to each other. my sis would just walk into the room. my mum just sits there and not even look at her. the house’s so quiet. i don’t really like it. i mean c’mon. they’re fighting because why ?

my sister was trying to teach her friend how to use the atm. so they queued up and talked. but i guess the lady behind them is alittle crazy ? thinking they didn’t queue up so scolded them, and well my sister, scolded back la, i mean like being her, expected. i would have done the same thing anyway. but yeah. then my mother just like tell her next time just let this things be since some people are like crazy. then my sis misunderstood it, thinking my mum was scolding her and then scolded my mum a bitch and said fuck and all, in her room, but loud enough for my mum to hear. and well, after a few days, my sis was okay alr, and talked to my mum, but my mum’s stubborn and told me she wont talk to her unless she like apologises to her -.-

so they’re still not talking, and its since monday alr. up to them, but wonder how long it’ll go on for.

waiting (:


November 14, 2009

hello (:

suppose to go for umpire test, but got cold and headache. and oh yeah, sore throat, so i wont be able to shout or talk loud anyway. and while, just nice, i didn’t bring back my whistle, not purposely, just nice.



November 13, 2009

now i know why they fight, my mom is fucking fucking irritating.